January 1st, 2017

Easy Peezy Product Launch

Rocklin, CA:. Today, Mallard Creek Inc., a leading manufacturer of premium equine bedding and pellets, announced the release of their newest product - Easy Peezy. After researching the need for a stall freshener product that would not only be easy to use but extremely effective, Mallard creek was able to secure a partnership with Zeolite mining operation that produces some of the most pure Zeolite on the market today. This Ingredient Is the key to Easy Peezy's success. Boasting a 97% purity rating and an extremely high absorption ratio, this product is sure to be a favorite within the equine community. The most important contribution this product offers Is the elimination of harmful ammonia odors which can cause long-term damage to a horse's lungs and airway.

On release of the product to feed-stores and equine facilities, Scott Connelly, CEO of Mallard Creek Inc., explained,'We always listen to the needs of our customers. When they wanted an economical bedding product. we produced Econo-blend shavings. When requests were made for low-dust bedding. we answered with Mini-Flake. Now, after years of bedding success, we answered the request for an odor eliminator. Simply put we're now producing Easy Peezy -The most absorbent most pure stall freshener on the market to date." To gain market share in this space, Mallard Creek plans to execute with the following tactics:

  • Providing promo packets to feed-stores, retailers and equine facilities to better educate them on the features and benefits of this product.
  • Encourage customer participation In the launch of the Easy Peezy via social feedback and testimonial promos.
  • Site the cost comparison of similar products. Proving to the public you can have a superior product without spending more.
  • Promote the fact that Easy Peezy Is an all- natural product. Starts natural, ends natural and benefits the Earth along the way.

About the Company: Mallard Creek is one of the top producers of premium horse and poultry bedding. They deliver daily to some of California's largest ranches and equine facilities. Mallard Creek is also a leading supplier of landscape materials for the western United States since 1982. With the primary material and manufacturing yard located in Rocklin C.A, in concert with its additional yards across California, Mallard Creek is capable of supplying landscape materials for any size job in a timely and consistent manner. Superior quality products, attentive customer service and availability to deliver consistently has ensured customer loyalty for the last 35 years.